Visual Sales Pipeline

Managing deals can be a daunting task, but we aim to change that!

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Your most important data is visualized on a single screen.

Goal Smashers displays all your active opportunities visually in a color-coded dashboard. These dots communicate your activities with greater efficiency and richer meaning than text or numbers alone.

You will be able to quickly identify who deserves your attention.

Take multiple paths to the additional information you need.

Getting more details on each opportunity is seamless. Hover over the dots for a quick view, click to drill down, or simply use the search function to find someone.

The dashboard tells you in an instant where you should act, and opens the door to the information you need to take that action.

Get guidance along the six steps to successful selling.

Once you make contact with a prospect, you will have customized checklists and prompts to help you qualify your contact, identify "influencers," plan your negotiation strategy and handle objections.

Free-form notes ensure you'll always have the insights you need to complete the sale.

Real-time performance data in a fun and simple way.

Playing card visuals are designed to grab attention quickly!

Your salespeople will know exactly how they are performing relative to previous months, how their activity levels compare with their peers, where their wins are coming from, and why some of their efforts are going wrong.

Visually identify metrics that support effective decisions.

Information overload can frustrate you! You should know at a glance what works, what doesn't and why. Team reports cleverly expose performance gaps and allow you to drill down into the underlying details.

When performance problems are easily apparent, solutions become straightforward.

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