Sales Team Management

Team management is challenging. Let our experience help you.

Do you know why you're missing your targets?

You already track your revenue. But do you know which sales behaviors are driving your numbers?

Knowing which activites are leading to wins, and which are falling short, are the most important stats to know if you want to grow!

Are you forecasting the right numbers?

There’s one sales number you have full control of - the number of prospects you contact! Goal Smashers will help you set and make aggressive prospecting forecasts.

A full sales pipeline is a sure-win way to closing more deals.

Is your team practicing proper planning and time management?

Visualizing all the opportunities in your sales pipeline makes it easy to prioritize your tasks. And a built-in calendar makes planning a breeze. Set reminders for yourself and you’ll never forget a thing.

You’ll smile as you get more done!

Do you know exactly where coaching is most needed?

If you can spot exactly where sales opportunities are being lost, you will know just where to intervene. Goal Smashers will reveal your performance gaps.

You will be able to fine-tune your A-players while you create future stars!

Do behaviors have well-defined rewards and consequences?

Proper sales habits don’t come easy. Positive behaviors stick when rewards are immediate and certain. Similarly with negative behaviors and their consequences.

You will be able to act decisively when behaviors change - for better or for worse!

Do you have the numbers you need at your fingertips?

The patterns in your numbers are not always easy to see. Sales trends become obvious to you in your Goal Smasher Reports. At a glance, you will detect what’s working and what’s not.

Spreadsheets are so yesterday!

Feel convinced Goal Smashers can help you and your team?

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