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Get your free, personal Goal Smashers account which offers the very same set of features as our paid accounts.

It is a great way to track & improve your sales process without spending any additional money on a sales tool.

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Reminders unlimited
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Rich pipeline flow.

Enjoy the same, rich set of features as paid Goal Smashers: visualized sales flow, tasks & contact management, "How am I doing?" report, and Pipeline Leaks report.

Similarly to paid version you can browse past pipelines, import contacts, adjust per-stage checklists, and dot expiry - all steps required to make you a better seller and to... make you more money!

Upgrade anytime.

Upgrading takes no more than 5 seconds once you reach account's limits or decide to bring more people in.

Even better it will get you a 45 day free trial on a paid plan so you can evaluate team features and decide how to proceed.

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