Frequently Asked Questions

What is Goal Smashers and how does it benefit me?

Managing salespeople is tough! Superstar sales managers don't just fall back on the skills that made them great at selling. They recognize that they have to manage a sales process. They develop strategies for tracking the performance metrics and sales behaviors of their teams.

Goal Smashers is a web app that takes a common-sense approach to managing this process that is brilliant in its simplicity. Sales managers now have an indispensable tool to manage and motivate their sales teams using simple, single-paged reports. Salespeople will be delighted by how easy Goal Smashers is to use. Take a test drive and see for yourself!

Is Goal Smashers a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program?

Not really. While managing customer relationships is an extremely important element of your business, we believe that you should think of Goal Smashers more like a tool for "ERM" (Employee Relationship Management). The focus is on building the relationships between salespeople and their managers. This process forms the foundation for the improvements in customer relationships and revenue that follows.

How do I access Goal Smashers?

When you sign up for a Goal Smashers account, you will be asked to provide your e-mail address. We will send you a message from with a unique link you should follow to activate your account. On that registration page, you can set your password, complete your account information, and assign other users according to the plan you've signed up for. You can then sign in using any compatible web browser with your username and password at

How can I create a Goal Smashers account if I am a LinkedIn member?

If you are a member of 200+ million LinkedIn community you can easily create your Goal Smashers account by using "Sign in with LinkedIn" button in the sign in section. We will ask LinkedIn to share your profile information and email address to create a Goal Smashers account for you in no time.

What desktop web browsers work with Goal Smashers?

Goal Smashers will work with:

We recommend that you always update your browser to it's latest stable version to ensure the best possible experience with the tool.

What mobile browsers are supported?

Goal Smashers works well on both iOS and Android in the following browsers:

Are there any other technical requirements?

While you're signed in to your Goal Smashers session you will need to be connected to the Internet, from the moment you login, until you log out. As with everything on the web, the faster your connection, the better, however, Goal Smashers is designed to perform well with any broadband connection. The secret of Goal Smashers' effectiveness is the simplicity of it's visual pipeline and dashboards. These are best viewed on a display with a screen resolution equal or greater than 1024x768.

Is my data secure?

When you're accessing sensitive information, such as an online bank account or a payment transfer service, you will notice that the "http" in the address line is replaced with "https," and you should see a small padlock in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window. This lets you know you're using a secure protocol, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

Goal Smashers uses 256-bit SSL Encryption, which is the highest level available on the internet today and provides an extra layer of protection for our subscribers. You are protected against a hard drive failure on the host, as we utilize hardware RAID mirroring across multiple drives and perform automated backups daily.

How does your FREE 45-day trial work?

Goal Smashers is free to try for 45 days. You don't need a credit card to sign up or to use Goal Smashers for the trial period. After this trial period is complete, you will have to become a paid subscriber to continue using the service. You will be prompted to submit a credit card from which monthly payments will be made. You will continue to be billed on a 30-day cycle for as long as your account remains active.

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa and Mastercard through our online payment system. If you would like to prepay for 12 months you can contact us to pay with an invoice. Your credit card information is safe and secure with Braintree.

Can I change the number of users in my account at any time?

Increasing the number of users in your account is easy! Simply increase your user count using the slider function, or entering the higher number under the "My Account" section. Your monthly subscription fee will be adjusted accordingly. You can expect the monthly price per user to decrease in a tiered fashion. For more than 35 users, you can contact us for even lower prices per user. To decrease your total number of users, first delete the users you would like to remove from your account, then adjust your total number accordingly.

How easy is it to cancel my account?

Cancel anytime after you begin your paid subscription and you won't be charged again. You account will be closed on the day you cancel and there will be NO REFUND for any unused service during the billing period. To cancel your account, log in and follow the simple steps under the "Cancel account" tab under "My account".

Where can I read your terms of service?

Here's the link to our Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy and our Refund Policy. If you read our terms and decide that Goal Smashers is not for you, we'll understand. However, if you complete your registration and click on the "Create my account" button, then you are indicating that you have read our terms of service, that you understand it, and you consent to be bound by its terms and conditions.

How can I contact you?

Send us an email message to contact at goalsmashers dot com, or if you are already using Goal Smashers, you can click the green "Questions" button on the right to reach our Help Desk.