How Goal Smashers was born...

Goal Smashers was created as a truly collaborative project through the ideas and experience of partners in the United States, Europe and the Caribbean. The creative machine is driven by GET Inc., responsible for sales methodology, development and service, while Inspiration Labs drives U.S. distribution, receivables and funding. As a team, we aim for a smart, simple, scorable solution that will help overcome SME sales challenges and boost the performance of sales professionals everywhere.

We've been working on improving the sales performance of small and medium-sized companies since 2008, and have discovered how difficult it is to build the habits that drive sales success. While sales training seems like the straight-forward solution, we've found that these newly learned behaviors often don't stick.

We knew we had to do something more! We had to create a way to build 'best practices' into a simple tool that works the way salespeople do. A visual tool. An 'anti-spreadsheet' solution. We had to give sales managers an uncomplicated way to identify key areas for personal development within their sales team. In short, we wanted to find a way to help small businesses set and meet more ambitious sales targets. This tool had to be affordable, easy to deploy without an IT department, and show results quickly.

This is how Goal Smashers was born, and we are confident that you will not only enjoy using it, but will see a rapid boost in your sales performance.