Your truly visual sales pipeline

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CRM made simple from the ground

  1. Goal Smashers is built to manage your leads, contacts, and meetings in a visual way.

    It is visual all the way through so navigating your leads have never been easier.

    Identify weak spots and get instant tips on improving performance turning you into a sales star!

  2. Goal Smashers is built to let you easily track & improve your team's performance.

    See instant updates on your team's performance on daily basis or through monthly reports.

    Explore your team's performance, goals and identify weak spots.

  3. Goal Smashers is built to boost your confidence in your sales team.

    Manage your teams with ease.
    Or let us handle this task for you. Anytime.

    Explore monthly team- and company-wide reports.
    We value your time as much as you do.

Your sales pipeline in your pocket

Catch up with your sales every time you are on the go. We guess you are a lot.

Pricing & Plans

$19 per user per month

No complex plans 45-day free trial All features with every account Price goes down as your team grows

We now offer a free, personal plan too!

What people say about us

“I really love using Goal Smashers, so easy and the interface is so user friendly”Jada - VMBS

“I like the reminder tool, it was helpful in reminding me when to call, and where to pick up where we left off.”Tania - Financial Advisor

“Goal Smashers is very easy to use and is helping me a lot with sales tracking.”Roger - Insurance Sales Agent, Guardian Life

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